Learning drums and percussion the easy way

E-Book iPlay Cajón - Win / Android

  • <b>E-Book iPlay Cajón - Win / Android</b>

With this interactive book from the “iPlay” series, you will have first-rate instruction for private study to take your first steps with this terrific rhythm instrument.

Learn to play the cajón from scratch. With easy-to-understand explanations and videos on posture, playing technique, practicing and notation, you will quickly find access to the cajón playing. There is a small, matching playalong for all rhythms in this e-book. It is much more fun to practice with it than by using a simple metronome, and you also learn to play through musical forms and styles.


  • Exercises
  • Playing Technique
  • Various Drum Grooves
  • Various Latin Grooves
  • Rhythms with Add-ons
  • Playalongs

Requirements: The Kotobee Reader is required for full performance of this interactive ebook. This free Reader is available for download for mobile and desktop devices.






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